Thursday, 22 January 2009

New release of the iPerimeter website

It doen't look much different, but I've
  • verified it for Google Webmaster Tools
  • built and submitted a Google sitemap
  • added a little bit of metadata as an initial search engine optimisation experiment
  • given it a free tracker via (see globe symbol at bottom left hand corner of each page)
  • added the Company Registration Number, a copyright statement, and a 'last updated' date

In the process I have allowed myself to admit that I do miss one feature of WebSphere Development Studio Client - you could click in the right place on the WYSIWYG page designer and the HTML source editor's cursor was automatically positioned appropriately - Nvu doesn't do this. I must admit also that I am missing having a Notes client on my PC.

I am definitely benefiting from the website and from the fact that Google is now indexing the unusual name 'iPerimeter' - people I have reconnected with via LinkedIn keep saying they can't find my contact information except via Google. You are not supposed to post your contact information in the text on your LinkedIn profile, but I think I shall do so anyway.

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