Friday, 1 January 2010

Review of 2009

When I set up the iPerimeter business, and started this blog, I made a list of projects for 2009. Let's see what happened ...

Specific IT related projects for 2009:
  • Establish a successful, focused and well marketed iPerimeter business
So far so good, though the marketing bit is in the eye of the beholder ... The focus has been very much on strategic architecture and System i, with a few dabblings in Domino. Would like to do more information security stuff.

I'd like to work on a redbook in 2010 - I'm keeping an eye on the upcoming residency list on the IBM website.

I also need to take positive steps in 2010 to keep my IBM software knowledge up to date.
  • Update my System i skills
Done - e.g. I went on Mike Cain's marvellous DB2 on i performance class at IBM Bedfont in June, and have used the results extensively. I have been much closer to the coalface than in recent years, and have benefited accordingly.
  • Develop my skills and experience in the area of information security
Not done - one for 2010.
  • Extend the reach of the Logicalis IT Forum, especially by recruiting new member organisations
The Forum has been very successful in 2009, despite the economic climate, and we have new member organisations. The improvement is largely down to Nigel Gillespie's excellent topic and speaker selection - thank you Nigel. Hoping to go from strength to strength in 2010.

Non IT related projects for 2009:
  • Help set up a website for the Ashton Singers of Winchester
Done, ish, but the excellent design provided by one of my fellow singers is not yet implemented because I need to acquire some CSS and Javascript skills. One for early 2010.

Singing achievement of 2009 was singing Barak in Handel's Deborah - 4 arias + recits - the biggest solo I've ever done by a factor of at least 20 - I did manage to knock over a large candlestick.
  • Finish renovating my new house, and move into it
Moved in, but still much work to do.
  • Attend a Saints home match that results in at least one point
Not done - entirely my problem, not Saints' - life in League One does at least mean we are more likely than not to win in any given week (dangerous thing to say). Haven't been nearer the Northam End than the quick weekly look provided by the Football League Show.