Saturday, 21 April 2012

Assorted IBM i hints and tips #1: CREATE TABLE authority setting #ibmi

This one caught me out recently:
If you do an SQL CREATE TABLE using JDBC with the default *SQL ('.' separator) naming convention, the system always sets AUT(*EXCLUDE); the normal object creation default of AUT(*LIBCRTAUT) is ignored.
To force AUT(*LIBCRTAUT), use the *SYSTEM ('/' separator) naming convention, by adding ;naming=system to the end of the JDBC URL.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

i-Community initiative for #ibmi users in the UK

A new initiative for UK IBM i users is now up and running.

i-Community is aimed at maximising the benefit of your IBM i investment, by sharing experiences and concerns with your peers, and through face-to-face meetings led by top speakers.

i-Community is a non-commercial environment; it is not aimed at marketing any product or service, rather it is a non-profit-making peer group facilitated by its sponsors, five IBM Business Partners (Applied Technologies, Binary, CSI, MITL, iPerimeter). Numbers of session attendees are kept low enough to permit a high level of interaction. The full annual membership subscription covers all costs for one delegate at our spring UK meeting and on the autumn visit to the IBM Rochester Laboratories, including the return flight to Minneapolis, with a small uplift to cover overheads. A UK-only subscription is also available.

i-Community sessions will be realistic, example driven, and will typically look at the subject area from both a technical and a business viewpoint. The topics covered are chosen by the community to cover IBM i infrastructure and development matters, but also non-IBM i-specific subjects of general interest to members, such as SOA, compliance or unified communications. Topics might occasionally be led by groups of members, with an IBM representative present to handle questions. It is the organisation that is the member, not any individual, so attendees can be chosen to suit the topic.

Each organisation signs a Confidential Disclosure Agreement with IBM Rochester, providing members with access to the futures information they need for budgeting.

More details are at, and the inaugural meeting is on Wednesday 16 May at Wroxall Abbey near Warwick, with dinner/overnight stay on Tuesday 15 May – here is the agenda:
IBM POWER i and i/OS Update: Nigel Adams - IBM UK
PowerHA and i/OS: Stu Stebbings - IBM UK
VIOS and POWER i / AIX workloads: Tom Watts - IBM UK
Rational Development Tools for Power i/OS: Pat Flisher - IBM UK
Enterprise Service Bus - WebSphere Messaging: Dave Willmott – CSI
The charges are:
Membership to include UK event only: £250 plus VAT (additional attendee £175 plus VAT)
Membership to include both events in 2012: £1,850 plus VAT
Do let me know (01225 436302 or if you want to know more about it, or if you are at all interested in getting involved.