Thursday, 18 February 2010

'Practical Implications of POWER7 and i/OS 7.1': Logicalis IT Forum, Bath Spa Hotel, Wednesday 24 March

The next Logicalis IT Forum meeting will be on Wednesday 24 March at the Bath Spa Hotel, Bath, with dinner and overnight stay on Tuesday 23 March.

The topic will be 'Practical Implications of POWER7 and i/OS 7.1'.

I am delighted to announce that our speaker will be Gottfried Schimunek from IBM Rochester. Gottfried is a Senior IT Architect and has been taking a lead role in application and product development projects for over 25 years. Currently he is the Program Manager and Technical Consultant for IBM i on IBM Power Systems in the ISV Enablement team. His primary interests are performance measurement analysis and capacity planning of applications. Gottfried is a frequent presenter at customer, user group, and technical conferences around the world.

The draft agenda is:
9.30am Introductions and POWER7 Overview
11am Break
11.15am IBM i 7.1 and beyond
12.45pm Lunch
1.30pm Power System Blade Integration
2.30pm Performance Capacity Planning and Energy Estimation (with short break)
3.30pm POWER7 Performance considerations and optimization
4.30pm Close

We know that many potential delegates will be attending the POWER7 overview in February given by Rod Adkins and Ross Maury of IBM; while there will obviously be some overlap, our focus is on the implications of the new hardware and operating system from an applications perspective (ISV and bespoke).

If you would like to discuss any additional related topic, please let me know.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in attending, or if you have any queries.
'Phone +44 1225 436302
Skype shawmandy

Sunday, 14 February 2010

An example of good online service

I've just upgraded the tracker on to the chargeable version (so that I don't have to show the tracker icon on my pages, and also so that I can get more easily interpreted statistics and exclude my home IP address from them; it also means that casual browsers no longer have theoretical access to the IP address information of other visitors, which I think is a little iffy from a Data Protection perspective).

This is the third Extreme Tracking tracker I have bought (following my husband's website and the Ashton Singers one).

The website is very quick, simple and clear to use, and I can even easily find and print off a VAT invoice. I have never needed to request technical support from them, and the only time I contacted customer services I received a speedy and effective response that did not appear to have been cut and pasted from a set of standard paragraphs.

After all my moans on this blog about certain other software and service providers, it's nice to be able to praise something unreservedly.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

iPerimeter website updated had remained untouched for over a year ... not good. Anyway I have added some recent experience and some older stuff that may be of interest to some people (there wasn't anything about Domino on iSeries on there, for example). I've also incorporated a couple of links to customer references on the Logicalis UK website.

It's difficult to know what potential customers are looking for - it'll probably need a few more iterations.

The look and feel and navigation need serious work, but that'll have to wait until another time.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Chandos Singers, Holy Trinity Church, Bath, Saturday 6 March

Music for a Time of Penitence

Adam Michna Mass for Lent (c.1650)
Salve Regina (double choir, c.1592)
Vaughan Williams
O vos omnes (1922)
Tenebrae factae sunt (1938)
Tristis est anima mea (1938)
Bernhard Lewkovitch
Exsultate Domino (1952)
Laudate Dominum (1957)
Kenneth Leighton
Quam dilecta (1966)

Debbie Warren
Soprano and Recorder
Simon Caldwell
Baritone and Violin
Chandos Singers
Malcolm Hill

Tickets £8.00 at the door (£5.00 for full-time students)

For more information, visit

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ongoing problems with AVG Internet Security (paid version 8 on XP)

I can't find any sensible forum to post these issues on, so I have reported them to AVG using their diagnostics tool (which took half an hour to run each time, using at least 65% of my CPU throughout, and which, amusingly, wouldn't actually connect to AVG on the first two attempts because, or so I assume, their firewall (or right hand) doesn't know what their own software (or left hand) is doing).

Further entertainment is to be found in the fact that, once you've reported one problem, you can't change the subject of your report (e.g. from Firewall to Identity Protection).

In case any of this is of interest to anyone else, I will update the status of these reports via comments on this post. (I am prepared to bet a reasonable sum that this is the last I will hear of any of it, and that I will be using a different product as soon as this licence expires - sadly not until August 2011.)


I have a problem with my AVG firewall taking ages (often several minutes) to identify the adapter/profile.
This happens especially when connecting Cisco VPN client, but also when I first connect my wireless adapter after rebooting the PC.
This is seriously impacting my productivity, as I connect and disconnect my Cisco VPN client many times a day.
I can find no reference to this issue in any of the forums or FAQs.
Please advise how I may resolve it.
Many thanks
Mandy Shaw


How do I switch off the automatic scan for a specific program? Microsoft ActiveSync (which surely does not need to be scanned at all, let alone every single time) nearly always starts up too slowly on my Windows XP PC, because of your Identity Protection scan, for my mobile 'phone Bluetooth sync to work without timing out on initial connection.
This is seriously affecting my productivity, please let me know how I may resolve it.
Thank you
Mandy Shaw