Saturday, 9 July 2016

Quick update July 2015 to July 2016

Apologies for the complete silence - since my last post I have been busier than I ever remember.

Highlights of the last year (well, highlights in retrospect, in some cases):

  • Fantastic trip to Brisbane (son's wedding), Sydney, and San Francisco last July (re wonderful SF public transport system with spot on approach to customer service, see right)
  • Yet another excellent i-Community Rochester trip, September
  • Successful go-live of POWER 8/IBM i V7R2/Flash storage at one of my insurance customers, November
  • Magna Carta 800th anniversary concert, November
  • Go-live of new Coordinate My Care system, also in November, after an 18-month procurement process and an 8-month implementation project (shouldn't it be the other way round?, I hear you say)
  • Demonstration of CMC 2-way interoperability proof of concept at eHealth Week at Olympia, April 2016
  • The Bath unexploded bomb (left under future school playground by Baedeker raids in 1942)

Next blog post will cover something rather alarming (broadly IT related) that my husband encountered when endeavouring to bid at an auction.