Sunday, 21 August 2011

Possibilities for extending Windows Phone 7 functionality via Windows Phone Device Manager and TouchXperience

I have finally finished my review of Windows Phone Device Manager.
It's got various embedded images, so it works best as a PDF.
The review is at this link.
UPDATE 5 Dec 2011 - I will update the review when I have time, but be aware that the app works fine on Mango and that the official ChevronWP7 unlock service is now available and working well for the WP7 community.
UPDATE 11 Jan 2012 - Rather less cheerful I'm afraid. ChevronWP7 are not currently issuing unlock tokens, as they have reached the number that Microsoft agreed they could sell, and the WPDM 'My Documents' facility is refusing to launch files properly on my Samsung Omnia with Mango (7740). Am chasing up the latter problem and will update this when I know more.
UPDATE 10 Feb 2012 - I have finally managed to get the review updated (link as before). The above 'My Documents' launch problem is resolved (as far as Mango allows it to be) in WPDM 1.9 - see review. No news on further availability of ChevronWP7 tokens.