Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bluetooth/Thinkpad problems

This might be useful to someone one day ...

When I wanted to get ActiveSync working over Bluetooth, I found that the Bluetooth installation on my Thinkpad T43 (Windows XP SP2) was corrupt (a bit of googling indicated that installation of XP SP2 apparently corrupts the Thinkpad Bluetooth stack - marvellous). The symptoms of this were a) the My Bluetooth Places shortcut on the desktop led nowhere, b) the PC could neither pick up remotely nor report locally any Bluetooth services, c) various odd displays and error messages on 'Bluetooth Configuration', d) Bluetooth systray icon menu had none of the normal entries, e) needless to say, no Bluetooth ActiveSync. (Pairing and network connection worked, nothing else did.) Anyway I eventually found and installed the appropriate Lenovo software (see, all displays returned to normal, and ActiveSync worked fine.

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