Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ways of handling XML and web services calls from RPG #ibmi

Someone asked me an IBM i/RPG/XML question yesterday and I couldn't find a simple summary of the options available, so I put one together - if I missed a suitable link, or if there are errors/omissions in this, please comment.

This list excludes the various third party options available.

Low-level reading and writing of XML direct from RPG code:

  • Parse: XML-INTO and XML-SAX RPG opcodes (V5R4 onwards)
  • Generate: Roll your own (not difficult, but not standards-based and not very maintainable)
  • Parse and Generate: XML Toolkit, 5733-XT1 (V5R4), 5733-XT2 (V6R1 onwards): usable from any ILE language, but complex to use direct; a ‘wrapper’ called XML4PR is provided to simplify usage from RPG
  • Best way of all, potentially: Open Access handlers, once these become available (apparently under development by IBM STG Lab Services) – have the potential to hide all XML parse and generate complexities from the programmer – I imagine they would be chargeable though (V7R1 onwards)

Consuming web services direct from RPG code:

  • Web Services Client for ILE: provides a way (WSDL2WS tool) of generating a ‘proxy’ C or C++ service program, although this is complex to invoke from RPG – recently simplified by incorporation of WSDL2RPG tool, which generates an RPG ‘proxy’ instead


  • Use your chosen open source Java XML and web services client functionality, invoking your Java classes from RPG
    • Pro:
      • This may be the simplest/most maintainable way to do it, especially if you make use of the Java Toolbox record access classes to handle external description
    • Con:
      • Configuration management of the necessary open source jar files may be an issue (you are also likely to duplicate functionality that is now built in to IBM i, e.g. Apache Axis open source web services layer)
      • Getting the performance right may take considerable effort the first time
      • Change management/source code control may be an issue unless you have other non-J2EE Java code in production

XML-based data storage and retrieval (XML SQL datatype) from RPG code:

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