Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Windows Phone 7 Development and Windows Phone Device Manager #3

I received another email from Microsoft on Sunday - this didn't actually say 'Geotrust have confirmed you're OK', and it was, very mysteriously, sent to me as an individual, not to the 'company approver' email address (surely it's the company they care about, not the individual? - the company are clearly financially responsible) but I do now appear to be a fully fledged Windows Phone Developer.

I have also succeeded in unlocking my 'phone, but only after searching the developer portal (actually called the App Hub, but referred to, confusingly, by both names) for a meaningless error message about failure to log in to the developer portal - it turned out that this was caused by my IE LAN settings having 'Automatically detect settings' checked.

Hmmm, not at all impressed by any of this, but, as one of my uncles was taught in the Army, 'maintain the objective' - this is all about trying out Windows Phone Device Manager, which I will do over the next couple of days.


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  2. Have a look at more recent entries on my blog, things have moved forward quite a bit and I've successfully posted a review of WPDM (although I can't use it right now as my 'phone is now running Mango and homebrew apps that run native code can't be sideloaded without a tweak that is in my opinion too complex/risky/intrusive to activate for a business user).

  3. P.S. The newly launched ChevronWP7 unlock service would have saved me a lot of time and money ...