Monday, 2 February 2009

More links I don't want to lose

'How to return a result set from a stored procedure written in RPG' - I have just discovered that this old chestnut has found its way into a set of midrange FAQs, which is rather cheering.
Customers are still using these tried and tested techniques, I am glad to see (I fished this example out for an iPerimeter customer today).

Domino Java agent to check received mail items for spam:

'Domino in Notability' presentation - I was asked to present at an IBM event which showcased business partners and whose main theme was the, then only just announced, Domino 6 release. I knew sod all about Domino 6, and racked my brain for a subject. It occurred to me simply to tell the assembled company about Notability's advanced use of Domino (the link actually omits the first few slides, about our various Notes client based applications). It went down a storm, with IBMers and others saying, firstly, that they'd never heard anyone use themselves as a case study before, and, secondly, how well it had worked. A very instructive episode (KISS, focus on business benefit).


  1. "Domino in Notability" ah - the good old days... ;-)

    Great to see you blogging, I've tweeted about it and added a link from my blog

  2. I've found the missing 'Domino in Notability' slides: